Sunday, September 23, 2012

Rule #15 -- Accept What Is

"Happiness is a function of accepting what is." -- Werner Erhard

This rule reminds me exactly of what the saying I once came across but have struggled to understand, "When you fight life, life always wins." I don't even know who quoted it. I've always wondered what it meant, but now I think I have an understanding of what it means.

Karl Moore's 15th rule of the 18 Rules of Happiness states that accepting what is in your life can bring you a step closer to happiness.

Life can be full of struggles. You can be an advocate for a worthy cause and thus fight for it. That's good. You can still push for that, but it all starts with acceptance. Perhaps start with acknowledging that there is indeed a problem and an issue. This helps clear you of all the emotions that could be weighing you down. Without that, you get to think with more clarity. You feel more energetic to change what you can.

The point here is, worrying is pointless. There are times when you can't change anything or anyone. Just start by acknowledging that fact. It is what it is. That's life. If you can, shrug and smile about it too.

Just accept what is -- and you will be happy.