Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rule #14 -- Enjoy Simple Pleasures

"Simplicity is the essence of happiness." -- Cedric Bledsoe

Like I always say, life is simple. I'm glad that Karl Moore took note of that too in his 18 Rules of Happiness. The 14th rule states that to be happy, enjoy simple pleasures.

How often do you find yourself complaining about what you don't have, rather than appreciating what you truly have?

Do you have a list of simple pleasures that make your day? I know I have and have even written a blog about it on my main site. If you don't have a list of simple pleasures, maybe it's time to start drafting one.

Simple pleasures aren't complicated at all. It could be a daily routine like that daily walk to work or school, or the gardening task you need to do once a week, or even the morning cup of coffee before you head to work each day.

For me, having my daily 15-20 minutes to myself with a cup of coffee is one of my simple pleasures. Somehow my day isn't complete without it. It allows me to think and reflect and to appreciate life as it is.

So what makes your day? Take time out and make a list today.

Enjoy simple pleasures -- even rituals -- and you will be happy.