Sunday, October 28, 2012

Rule #18 -- Laugh, Dance, Smile!

“A friendly look, a kindly smile, one good act, and life's worthwhile.” - Unknown

Well, I finally got to the last of the 18 Rules of Happiness by Karl Moore. I admit that I did take a few weeks' break from posting here. No, I did not stop being happy. On the contrary, I just practiced it. I discovered a writing site (user-generated content site) called Squidoo. I've been busy a while writing on the site and creating lenses for a variety of topics that interest me. If you do have a passion for writing, I invite you to join me there too!

Going back to the 18th rule, Karl Moore talks about how true happiness comes from within and it can be expressed externally in your happy face, big smile and frequent laughter. I don't know if you've noticed it too, but happy people tend to look better. They have this aura that radiates a bright and happy glow. Stress can indeed make one look older. 

One good tip is to surround yourself with happiness. Oh, and that includes happy people too! I'm sure no one wants to be around someone who does nothing but gripe and complain a lot about life. 

Karl Moore's tips include 1.) get dancing, 2.) listen to feel-great music all the time, 3.) cover your wall with uplifting pictures, 4.) watch more comedy movies, 5.) laugh at life itself, just to name a few examples.

I love to dance! It's exhilarating and makes you feel free. It is definitely a way to make yourself feel better. Listen to happy music all the time. It's uplifting for sure. Plus, of course, put up inspiring and lovely photos all around. There's nothing better than surrounding yourself with happiness. 

Most of all, strive to have a positive attitude towards life and you will be happier.

Laugh, dance, and smile often -- and you will be happy!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Rule #17 -- Zoom Out and Don't Sweat

"If you do not raise your eyes you will think that you are the highest point." -- Antonio Porchia

Are you ruled by the goals you have set in your life? Do you run by the clock? Do you have time to stop and smell the roses? In this 17th rule of the 18 Rules of Happiness by Karl Moore, he talks about zooming out and not sweating the details. 

Sometimes, we need to step back and take a look at what's important in our life. This happens to me once in a while. I get overwhelmed by the tasks I need to accomplish. I want so much to accomplish my goals that I sometimes get irritated when something happens to take my time away from my set schedule. But I've realized that if it's family that demands my time, I need to make time for them. They're the main reason for my being, for my working hard and for striving to achieve success. 

Life is short. We all know that. We don't know when we will breathe our last breath. So we need to enjoy every moment that we can have and spend with what's important in our lives.

I had to take a long hard look at my own life when my dad passed on two years ago. Somehow, I had to change plans. Things that mattered before didn't seem that important anymore. When you've experienced losing a loved one or even having that close call, it enables you to zoom out and not sweat the minor things in life. 

Remember to zoom out regularly and don't sweat the small stuff -- and you will be happy. 

Here's another happy song suggestion from Karl Moore... Fascination by Alphabeat! ^_^