Friday, October 4, 2013

50 Things Money Can't Buy

When I saw this on my Facebook news feed, I felt that I just gotta share this. I totally know and understand that it is a material world and the quality of your life sometimes depends on how much financial wealth you have. Sad but true! However, not having lots of money doesn't mean you need to be depressed. Money alone can't buy you happiness.. that's a state of mind! >.<

How about taking this checklist and see how many on the lists you enjoy right now? Remember that they can't be bought by money! >.<

Good vibes and positive thoughts always!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Beautiful Simple Things

At this time, the whole Philippine nation is celebrating her win as Miss World 2013. Megan Lynne Young posted this on her Miss World - Philippines FB Page 10 days before coronation night. I'm a big fan of hers from the time I began watching her in a TV show that became my favorite -- TV5 Misibis Bay. Then she joined Miss World Philippines and won the crown to represent the country in the Miss World 2013 competition that held its finals last 28th September 2013. I believe posts such as above show us that Megan Young is the real deal and that she's truly worthy of representing Miss World Org. even for a year. 

When have you stopped to appreciate the beauty in simple things? If you haven't been doing that lately, it's time to step back and go slow. Life is too short to be missed! ^_^